10 Terms In Criminal Justice To Know

Sari Law Office – In criminal justice, we often hear the terms of criminal law. From that term, many people do not understand or are still public about the law. Therefore, on today's occasion, we summarize 10 criminal justice terms that need to be known. Elaborated in full with their respective explanations to be easy to understand and can add insight into our laws.

1. Report

A report is a person's notice due to his or her obligations or his or her rights under the Law to the authorized official about having, being, or suspected of a criminal event.

2. Complaint

A complaint is a notice accompanied by a request from an interested party to the authorities to crack down on the law of a criminal who commits a complaint that harms him.

so anyone can report an incident, but the complaint can only be filed by the person who has the right to file it


*article 1 numbers 24 and 25 kuhap and r. tresna, azas azas criminal law in the discussion of some important criminal acts

3. Investigation

An investigation is a series of actions of investigators seeking and finding an event that is suspected to be a criminal offence in order to determine the conduct of the investigation

4. Investigation

An investigation is a series of actions of investigators to search and gather evidence to make light of the crimes that occurred and find the suspect.


So the investigation is the initial act of the investigation, so the investigation is a separate part of the investigative function


*chapters 1 numbers 2 and 5 kuhap and m. yahya harahap, discussion of problems and application of kuhap : and linking ( p. 101).

5. Evidence

An item can be referred to as evidence if it meets the following elements:

  1. objects or charges that are all or partly suspected of being obtained from a criminal act or the result of a criminal act
  2. objects used directly to commit criminal acts or prepare them
  3. objects used to obstruct the investigation
  4. special objects made and intended to commit criminal acts
  5. other objects that have a direct connection to the crime.


6.Proof tools

Legitimate evidence tools consist of witness statements, expert information, letters, instructions, and statements of the accused. In addition, it is also known that the expansion of evidence tools in the form of electronic evidence tools that are evidence tools in order to law enforcement at the request of police, prosecutors, and or other law enforcement institutions.

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7. Indictment

The indictment in the indictment is for prosecutors to read at the beginning of the trial at the request of the presiding judge of the trial, which contains the article of the indictment, but does not yet contain the prosecution.

8. Demands

the prosecution's claim stipulated by the public prosecutor to be filed after the examination at the trial is declared complete which contains the prosecution demands for the defendant.

"article 140 paragraph (1),article 155 paragraph (2),and article 182 paragraph (1) letter a kuhap

9. Confinement

confinement is charged to the offender or in exchange for a criminal conviction that is not paid, for between 1 day to 1 year, but can be extended as a maximum prison term of 1 year 4 months and there is a duty of employment that is lighter than the work obligation of the convicted prison

10. Prison

imprisonment is impose on the offender for life or for a certain period of between 1 day and 20 consecutive years and is charged with certain work obligations within the term of the sentence.

"article 12, article 14, article 18 paragraphs (1) and (3), article 19 paragraph(2), and article 30 paragraph (2) of the


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